Ways to Give

Application for Tax Receipt | Foundation

Schools should use the application for tax receipt with donations they receive by cheque or by cash.  In-kind donations to a school would also require this form.  The form needs to be signed by the Principal of the school.

Online Donation

Quick and easy giving

The Foundation uses CanadaHelps as its’ online fundraising solution. It is easy, trusted and secure.

Donations to benefit Avon Maitland students can be swiftly directed and instantly receipted using the Foundation’s Giving Page at CanadaHelps.

Simply click the button below:
Donate Now to Canada helps

Note: CanadaHelps (online donation service) deducts 4% fee from total donation.

Gift to Honour

We know that some of you like to give gifts of appreciation to that special teacher, custodian, bus driver, principal or secretary.
Perhaps you’re wondering what gift to give?

We invite you to consider a Gift To Honour

With a ‘Gift to Honour’ you can choose to make a donation in someone’s honour to the Foundation for Art Life classroom workshops and to help students when they lack basic necessities, face difficult challenges or find themselves in emergency situations.

You can (1) make your gift online and send an eCard to the honouree here:
Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

Or (2) you can fill out a form.
Here is the process:

  1. Fill out the Gift-to-Honour-Info-Sheet-and-Form-2023
  2. Attach a cheque for your chosen amount. The cheque must be made payable to the Foundation For Education who will issue a charitable tax receipt for the full amount
  3. Return this Form and cheque to your school to be forwarded to the Foundation
  4. Pick up a Gift to Honour card at the school and fill out for the child to hand to the person receiving the card
Note: CanadaHelps (online donation service) deducts 4% fee from total donation.

Payroll Deduction

For Avon Maitland staff who ‘get it’

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Payroll Deduction Response form

“Contributing to the Foundation only strengthens Avon Maitland as every dollar provides enrichment to our students and complement to our work. Please consider making the Foundation a charity of choice through payroll deduction.”

Lisa Walsh Director of Education – Avon Maitland District School Board

$2 a pay from every permanent Avon Maitland staff member would mean yearly $155,000 into services like our Caring Fund that supports students in need. Through this fund we help to purchase eyeglasses, lice kits, hearing tests, snow pants, snow boots, graduation clothing along with grocery and gas gift cards for families in need. The demand from our Caring Fund is growing since the pandemic.Your donation will help us to help more youth.

Plus your financial support will help ensure that equal learning opportunities to expand one’s creative potential and life skills can continue through through our ART | LIFE workshops, H.L Roszell Special Education Fund, Small Project Grants, Canadian Reading Fund and more. 

Contact your AMDSB Payroll Administrator to register or fill out this online registration form

Contact your AMDSB Payroll Administrator to register

or complete the following paper copy of the Payroll Deduction form


Sending your regards

We annually process approximately 2500 receipts. Donations received on behalf of school campaigns, projects, etc. are tracked and processed with monies transferred to schools every two weeks.

With a brief memo as to what you’d like the donation to be directed to (ie: Foundation program or school), please make cheques payable to the Foundation for Education and send to:

Foundation for Education, 62 Chalk St. N., Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0

Monthly Giving

Set it and forget it

One of the best and easiest ways to give is to set up a monthly donation.
Monthly giving lets you:

  • Spread your giving out throughout the year
  • Easily budget for charitable giving
  • Make an ongoing commitment to the Foundation
  • Feel good!

Through CanadaHelps, you can set up automatic monthly donations by credit card. You choose the amount and which day of the month to be charged.
Set it and forget it. Here’s how:

Donations of Securities

The most tax-efficient way to give to charity.

In 2006, the federal government eliminated capital gains tax on donations of publicly traded securities (stocks & mutual funds). Donations of securities let you make a greater impact with your donation and receive a larger tax benefit.

Donate securities to a project or fund administered by the Foundation or to the Foundation itself through CanadaHelps. CanadaHelps lets you:

  • Make your pledge online
  • Donate to multiple charities with one single transfer
  • Receive your donation receipt by email

Giving securities through CanadaHelps is quick, easy and secure. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the Foundation’s page and complete the details of you pledge.
  2. Print & submit the Letter of Authorization to your financial advisor.
  3. Securities are transferred to CanadaHelps by your financial advisor.
  4. CanadaHelps sends you a tax receipt.
  5. Securities are sold and the donation is forwarded to the Foundation

CanadaHelps is proud to be the first charity in Canada to accept gifts of securities online.

Make your donation of securities today: www.canadahelps.org/securities


Planned giving

More and more we field questions from potential donors wishing to leave a legacy by enriching and supporting young people.

The Foundation houses legacy funds directed by the donor and earmarked for specific use that is accessible to all Avon Maitland schools. Examples would be Board-wide Special Education Funds or Science related grants.

Scholarships and bursaries are administered by the Finance Department of Avon Maitland District School Board. Inquiries can be made to Sandra Hunt at the Education Centre 1-800-592-5437 xt. 227

To help with your planning, there are three types of bequests:

1. Specific Bequest – this is where donors wish to leave a specified amount of money OR a percentage of your estate to a school

2. Residual Bequest – this is where donors state in their will that a portion or balance of their estate is to pass to a school once the other beneficiaries are provided for.

3. Contingent Bequest – in this type of bequest donors direct in their will that the school receives all or a portion of your estate intended for other beneficiaries should those beneficiaries die before the donor does.

Some donors opt to put restrictions on a bequest…ie. that it only be used for music programs in the school or as you say for nutrition programs. We always encourage donors to consider carefully the ramifications of making specific designations…..if the music program ceases to exist, then the funds have to sit unused.

Many of the questions we receive concern the proper wording to be used in wills.

Though we defer to the wisdom of the donor’s lawyer, the following example is suggested wording for a Specific Bequest to a designated school:

“I give to the Foundation For Education Perth Huron, which serves the schools of the Avon Maitland District School Board, the sum of $________________ to be transferred to ___________________(name of school). I impose no restrictions upon the use of this bequest by.________________(name of school). In the event that this school no longer exists at the time of my death, I direct the Foundation to disperse the funds to the nearest school to _____________(name of school).

Please contact us anytime to discuss your thoughts info@foundationforeducation.ca