The Caring Fund & Pandemic Priorities

For 30 years the Foundation for Education has provided outstanding enrichment opportunities for local Huron and Perth students through a wide variety of arts and life skill-based workshops that demonstrate creativity, innovation, empowerment, equity and inclusion.

Now, through the newly formed Caring Fund, the Foundation has expanded its focus to build a trust that provides support to students who lack access to basic necessities. In the midst of a world-wide pandemic, local educators and support staff are managing unprecedented demands as they work to meet the needs of the curriculum while juggling food insecurity and student well-being on a reduced budget.   These folks need our help.



No Show Gala

Through unique hands-on educational experiences, led by real-world professionals, kids learn more about themselves by developing skills, exploring new ideas, and building strength and confidence while becoming more optimistic and motivated learners.

This year we are unable to host any live events due to COVID19 protocols. But all is not lost!  we’re inviting you to participate in the No Show Gala.


#GivingTuesday: Just Add Water

Good quality water bottles are in demand as drinking fountains are no longer available and some lower-income families simply cannot afford this extra burden.

It has been proven that dehydrated students have a lack of focus, are tired, and aren’t as alert as they should be.    Students staying well hydrated in classes improve their grades by showing a better performance on both tests and in class projects.  And, by discouraging single use plastic bottles we encourage environmentally responsible action to reduce the amounts of plastic that are jeopardizing to our planet.
Learn more about food insecurity and classroom needs HERE