“What I’m Designed to Be”

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Gregory C.N. Smith“We cannot be anything we want to be but we can be everything we were designed to be.” Gregory C N Smith

New to the Foundation’s ART | LIFE series, ‘Flipping the Iceberg’ is an interactive and informative workshop designed to help students discover their true potential with the skills they already have. Through understanding personality styles, talents and particular ‘operating systems’; the workshop highlights what each student NEEDS to be successful and shows them how they can implement this knowledge into their everyday activities. The aim of this session is to bring clarity, direction and purpose into the lives of students.

About the Facilitator

Gregory C N Smith is a personality and human behavior specialist, award winning speaker, author, personal power coach and radio personality. He believes everyone has the ability to do the things they know deep inside they can do. This belief drives his commitment to personal excellence. He continues to work with youth in corrections facilities inspiring them to raise their standards and achieve what they believe is possible. Gregory is the 2010 Toastmaster District International Speech Champion and the 2010 Toastmasters District Humourous Speech Champion. Gregory also works extensively with adults and youth on First Nations Communities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Ontario, teaching and coaching on his ‘Flipping the Iceberg’ program.

These workshops, along with all other Foundation’s ART | LIFE opportunities, are freely offered to Avon Maitland Schools by way of ongoing community support.

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