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Trustee Report coverAs Avon Maitland District School Board (AMDSB) is a major partner of ours we are always happy when they call on us to present the latest on our student enrichment work to their Board of Trustees.
The following is a report generated for that purpose and we invite you to take a look. It’s not a hard read … we promise!

AMDSB Trustee Report

AMDSB annually contributes the following to the Foundation:

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Office Space with Basic Office Supplies
Grant – $100,908 (2017-18)

In turn, we bring much-added value to AMDSB:

We access grants not available to schools and school boards.
We offer best practice, design and technical expertise in fundraising for schools and school councils and help them build their fundraising campaigns.
We attract donations from the community that AMDSB would not be able to attract as a publicly funded institution.
We care for donors with public acknowledgment and engaging letters of thanks – often personalized with hand-written notes.
We lend our charitable status to schools and other partners for the purpose of gaining funds for the betterment of students.
We act as a clearinghouse with an efficiency that sparks new initiatives and enables existing projects and programs to run smoothly.
We promote and market AMDSB skillfully through social media.
We collaborate with AMDSB staff throughout the year on projects.
We accomplish a multitude of services for AMDSB (using mostly contract employees) for less than it would cost the Board when salaries, benefits, and pensions are taken into account.
We exceed the levels prescribed by the Ministry of Education through our enrichment programming in the schools giving AMDSB students experiences and opportunities that many would never otherwise be exposed to.
We provide professional development for AMDSB teachers:
We employ artists and facilitators for classroom enrichment programs at a reduced rate compared to what schools are asked to pay for their services.
We award AMDSB teachers with grants to help make possible their innovative and inclusive classroom projects throughout the year.
We persuade many parents prior to Christmas and the end of June to give cash gifts to schools in lieu of presents for AMDSB staff, bus drivers, and volunteers.
We engage community partners and draw them into relationship with AMDSB for the betterment of students.

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