Touring Grannies on Cookin’ & Calisthenics

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Grandmother showing student how to cook

Two grannies, Laurel McIntosh and Carol Miller decided that they wanted to do something fun and educational with young children. Their passion for food and fun was the underlying theme of their Culinary Capers proposal to the Foundation for Education. The Foundation liked the life skills focus of the proposal and has given them the opportunity to work with 250 Grades 2 and 3 students from 10 schools. The Downie Optimists willingly supplied financing for schools that needed transportation to appropriate kitchen facilities.

Both women live on farms, love to eat, cook and be active outside. Laurel, a newly retired elementary teacher, and Carol, an entrepreneur, with a background in a whole food restaurant and establishing a charity for breast cancer, The Quilt, wanted to focus on Healthy Living and working with kids. Miller says: “Being with children always makes me feel good. I resolved that at this stage of my life whatever I do, it has to be fun…and kids always make me smile.”

The Healthy School Initiative implemented in schools September 2011 and the current Health Curriculum are both complemented by this workshop for Grades 2 and 3 which gives students hands on experience with both local, healthy eating and fun, physical activity.

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