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We are governed by a board of individuals from Huron and Perth Communities which includes business leaders in the community and educators from Avon Maitland District School board. We work together to share insights and to serve students in Huron-Perth counties. Connections from both the community and the education world provides us with great insight to help serve our youth audiences. We work with Avon Maitland District School Board staff, principals, teachers, and parent councils to understand the needs in the community. We design our programs to give students equal learning opportunities and to remove any barriers to full participation in the education system. We offer our programs to all students of every background and income level giving equal learning opportunities to all students. We collaborate fundraising efforts with community members and schools to raise much needed money for tech in the classroom, playgrounds, enhanced libraries, music and student nutrition programs which all leads to better learning for our youth. The Foundation also raises money to offer support to students in need (i.e. we help to purchase snow suits, eye glasses, grocery gift cards for families with food insecurity within a school, uniforms for co-op experiences etc.). Our program and service have a purpose to schools and students. And working with the schools allows us to deliver our mission work.

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Enhanced Learning Experiences for all students

By donating to the Foundation you will help level the playing field for all students by giving our youth access to enhanced educational experiences. The Foundation offers world-class workshops led by local experts in programs that are arts-based experiences and life-skills development. The workshops sponsored by the Foundation make it possible for students to experience things they may never have had an opportunity to experience outside of school and you never know what passion that will inspire in a student. These workshops lead to stories such as one student got to use a sewing machine for the first time because of one of our workshops which sparked an interest that led them to go to university and pursue a career in fashion design or teachers telling us how wonderful it was for their class to learn about dance routines from someone with a career at the Stratford Festival Music Department. Your support means more stories like these can happen for our AMDSB students.

The Foundation offers financial assistance where needed to all students within AMDSB schools. When AMDSB students lack basic necessities, face difficult challenges at home or find themselves in emergency situations – times that require a quick and compassionate response the Foundation can help by offering financial assistance through our Caring Fund. Last year we helped students by purchasing them snow suits, work boots for coop or eye-glasses. We provided grocery gift cards to some families in need. We can even provide an opportunity for students in need to go shopping for free at a local thrift store. We need your support so we can continue to meet the needs of students.

The Foundation supports schools with their fundraisers by offering charitable tax receipts to their donors, or we can help create fundraising materials, accept donations online and partner with schools to apply for grant money that is only available by partnering with a charity. This support leads to playgrounds being built at our schools, tech equipment being purchased in the classroom, sports equipment being purchased, nutrition programs being supported, and supplies being purchased to support the art and music programs and so much more. So many great things can be achieved for our students when we work together.

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