For When Grandparents Become Guardians Again

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Read to Baby project representative handing book bag to Children's Aid Society representative

When life doesn’t play by the book, sometimes books need to come into play.

Every year in Huron and Perth there are grandparents who suddenly find themselves as guardians of their children’s offspring.

For this reason, the Kids First Early Learning Network (KFELN), of which the Foundation for Education is a part, is teaming up with the Huron-Perth Children’s Aid Society (H-PCAS) in an effort to bring a good start for those who suddenly have children but no children’s books.

“We thought it possible that the grandparents might have downsized, clearing their homes of baby-type books, and we were wondering if a special kit should be put together for this unique group”, states Mary Louise Laberge, manager of

smallTALK: Huron Perth Preschool Speech Language System and Kids First Early Learning Network member.

The special kits are based on KFELN’s Read to Baby Bundle initiative.

Since 2014, the project has given Huron and Perth families of newborn children a book bag which contains a children’s board book, a children’s songs and nursery rhymes booklet, a Donor Acknowledgement flyer and list of community literacy resources.  

The bundles provide families with the support they need to encourage early literacy and family bonding at home.    

The cost of one bundle is under $10 and the bundles are distributed to families at no cost to them.

To date, the project has reached nearly 6000 newborns.

Over 40 special Read to Baby Bundles, with up to 4 additional books each, have been assembled and delivered to the CAS. 

As long as KFELN still have a variety of books that remain beneficial to those older than a year old, they plan to continue to provide this special package annually.

If you’d like to help grandparents navigate life’s unforeseen chapters and ensure that the early literacy project continues to flourish, please consider making a donation.

You can do so online at or by cheque payable to the Foundation for Education and send to 62 Chalk St. N., Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0

Pictured above:
Melanie Evans, Kids First Early Learning Network member and Early Learning Resource Consultant for County of Huron Children’s Services and Cathy Sutherland, Director of Service for the Huron-Perth Children’s Aid Society.

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