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From Avon Maitland District School Board web post: The new hit “Always Learning” by Matt Hussey has taken the region by storm. Matt got together with iAM Productions and pulled together some Avon Maitland students to record what is now being described as the Board’s new theme song.

The song was originally written by Mr. Hussey to help the Board launch its new Strategic Plan for the next four years, but the song and the music video became an instant hit. School Choirs across the district are learning to sing “Always Learning”, schools are playing the song over their PA systems and the music video has set a new Board record for most watched AMDSB videos of All Time.

The Foundation’s Wes MacVicar gives us the scoop in this entertaining video (above).

“If you were to go and download this MP3, just one person on behalf of every child in Avon Maitland, it would equate to over $11,000 extra into programming, workshops, funds, grants just this year”, states MacVicar.

The Song “Always Learning” is now available as an mp3 download from all the major music distribution sites, such as iTunes Canada, Deezer, MediaNet, eMusic, Zune, and Rdio. You can download the song for just $0.99 and all proceeds will go to the Foundation for Education.

iTunes Always Learning

Watch the “Always Learning” music video:

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