World Festival of Children’s Theatre Live Streamed Here!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.26.32 PMFrom June 5th-14th, 300 performers aged 7-15 from 16 countries will be in Stratford ON, Canada to participate in performances that explore the festival theme “My World, Our Planet”.
As a major partner of the World Festival of Children’s Theatre, performances taking place at Stratford Central Secondary School (SCSS) will be live streamed here beginning at 1PM daily:

About the productions:

Giving the World to Kids in June

child on stageFor the first time in North America, the world’s children will come to Canada for the World Festival of Children’s Theatre (WFCT), an official event sanctioned by the International Amateur Theatre Association. From June 5-14, 2016, Stratford, Ontario will host up to 500 children, ages 7 – 15, in a theatre festival unlike any other. Under the theme “My World, Our Planet”, up to 22 countries will show how children see their world. The festival is “for children, by children”, with productions for children and kids at heart.

These are exciting times and thanks to the Foundation for Education Perth Huron – with support from Avon Maitland, Digital Human Library, Stratford Central SS CommTech and the Stratford Tourism Association – experiencing stories by kids from all over the world can be a thing that all Huron and Perth students (and beyond) can enjoy!

We are pleased to announce that multiple opportunities will be available in 3 distinct ways:

  1. 1:00pm Matinee Performances in Stratford called World @ One O’Clock
  2. 5 tours of various performances out to the schools called World ‘On The Road’
  3. Daily live streaming of 1:00pm performances at SCSS called World on Live Stream.

Schools: Please see the full details below of all 3 streams and we encourage you to act today as space and bookings are limited:

World @ One O’Clock

Matinee performances are available for schools at a special rate. (All bussing for Avon Maitland schools will be covered)

Please click on the links for details:

To reserve tickets contact Karen Savelle  519-271-5140 / 1-800-561-7926

World ‘On The Road’

Be the one school to host 1 of 5 performances by youth from Slovenia, Australia, US, Cuba and Czech Republic! A once-in-a-lifetime visit, performance and experience for your students.

Please click on this document for details.

To book a tour contact Dana Phillips (Foundation) 519-527-0111 xt 239

World on Live Stream

In your classroom, on your iPads, or on a boat at sea … no matter where you are you can ‘tune in’ to all 1:00pm WFCT performances held at Stratford Central SS.

Live streams will be available on two sites:

  1. Avon Maitland’s YouTube Channel
  2. The Digital Human Library

Thousands Experience the Joy of Live Stories

four scenes in a collage from 'Let's do Munsch' showTo the thrill of 5400 schoolchildren, the Foundation for Education, by way of the volunteer-based theatre company McGregor & Friends, presented ‘Let’s Do Munsch’ adapted for the stage from the stories of Robert Munsch.

From April 18-29, 2016 the new stage adaptation of 5 of Robert Munsch’s stories was presented at the Blyth Memorial Hall for school matinee audiences. The producer/director was Duncan McGregor who has presented young audience productions for the Foundation before including ‘Charlotte’s Web’ (2015), ‘Peter And The Wolf” (2014) and ‘A Bunch of Munsch’ (2013). Those performances were attended by over 15,000 schoolchildren and their teachers.

This year’s play brought to life five of children’s author Robert Munsch’s unforgettable stories:?Murmel, Murmel, Murmel the tale of a mysterious hole leading to a surprise adoption; 50 Below Zero, a tale about braving the cold; Mud Puddle, the story about an anthropomorphic mud puddle that makes children dirty; Millicent and the Wind, a tale about a little girl and her relationship with the wind and Mortimer, an ultimately relatable tale for children who don’t like to go to bed.

Thirteen production members and nine actors (including young people from local schools) volunteered their time to tell these well-loved stories.

The production began development last Fall and clocked 94 hours of rehearsal time in total.

The company included:
Ross Barnett, Caitlin Carr, Steve Cook, Arlene Darnbrough, Curran Forster, Suzanne MacVicar, Duncan McGregor, Sherri Milburn, Caileigh Russelo, Dave Siebert, Izzy Siebert, Jane Smyth, Leigh Anne Van Aaken, Nigel Van Aaken, Isaac Van Aaken, Scott Ramsay, Adam Smyth, Chris Armour, George Blackwell, Dana Phillips and Lynda McGregor.

“We sincerely thank the company for giving of their time and, in some cases, even their vacation days,” states Foundation Executive Director Wes MacVicar. “They, like us, know without a doubt that there is growing-power for a child through experiences like this – beyond the classroom and in the company of peers.”

Please see a gallery of pictures from the production.

‘Let’s Do Munsch’, like all McGregor & Friends shows over the past 4 years, was produced in support of student enrichment through the Foundation for Education Huron Perth.

An example of what the proceeds will go toward can be seen in the following 2-minute video: